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Pomegranate Model Shoot

Using fill flash for outdoor shoot

Every photographer out there is in some way confused or unsure about the subtle tricks of photography. But don’t you worry, we bring you our ‘how to’…

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Watch photoshoot

Watch Shoot – June 2018

A watch photoshoot can prove to be very challenging. This blog post we cover our experience with photographing a watch in the studio. Here is a ‘how-to’…

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Adding Tool Selections to Your Photoshop Actions

As I always discuss, I am looking constantly for every way to streamline every little detail of my workflow as much as possible. Today I want to…

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pomegranate black and white pictures

Creating a Dramatic Black and White Image Using Only Lightroom

There are numerous ways to convert an image to black and white, each bringing with it its own balance of efficiency and artistic control. This method shows…

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