Established in 2009, Studio Pomegranate has become a one stop shop for everything photography.

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We are more than just a photography studio. Apart from the regular portrait shoots and fashion photography, our skilled team also specialises in services such as image retouching and photography scanning. Thus intertwining technique with creativity, we ensure unparalleled photography solutions.

Services offered by Studio Pomegranate


At our large and fully equipped studio, with colour management in a controlled environment we specialise in
● Family portraits
● Commercial/fashion
● Ecommerce/products


Capturing moments from your important days and turning them into memories that would last a lifetime. We provide premium quality images, be it weddings, corporate events or parties.


Retouching is a mix of art and illusion. However retaining the vision and style of the photographer without overshadowing it is key. We use this mix to aesthetically remove flaws, enhance a product shot, add some magical special effect for ad campaigns (if required) or even knock a few years off our subjects!


Our senior photographer Rahul Mall with a degree from Collins College, Arizona and experience in  working with some of the best photographers around the globe, currently also a photography teacher at Calcutta International School holds frequent workshops for photography enthusiasts at the studio for Basic/Advanced Photography, Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom.


Enhancing your homes, and making your images even more visually appealing by providing a different wall solution and arrangement of your images to suit your home. We build a relationship with our clients and help reflect their personality not just in their images but also in the way the images are presented in the walls of their homes.


Most of us have some treasured tatty old family photos/negatives in a box. Whether, torn, faded or marked, most photos can be digitally copied and repaired. We realize that a photograph can hold a lot of sentimental value in your lives. Thus in retrieving your old photographs/negatives, we aim to restore all the memories and love that they hold.